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Sunday Comforts

Lots of slicing and dicing ... for a veggie chili.

In addition to folding and unfolding the Sunday paper, nothing beats the feeling of comfort and warmth that goes with a Sunday meal.

The finished product . . .

Whether it's the weekly "sauce" for your spaghetti, a slow-cooker lamb shank dish, or a veggie chili like the one I prepared today, the smell of a Sunday kitchen is something that stays with you. And I bet you remember a thing or two from your mom's kitchen, or your dad's, depending on who was cooking that day.

This particular Sunday the wind was howling outside and the temperature didn't break 30 even with a perfectly blue sky. This is chili weather. The baquette in the picture is not mine. I've been baking whole wheat loaves lately and I haven't had a chance to do French bread for a while. I'll get to that again soon because I miss a good, crusty loaf of white bread, especially when you have something good to dip it in.

Prep for this dish is rather intense. It's a recipe I found on the Pioneer Woman's web site, so I figured if this meal can satisfy that frontier woman's family, it's good enough for my suburban friends and significant others.

Lots of veggies, sauces, spices and even some jalapenos and Ro-Tel in this dish. (I add some chopped potatoes in mine instead of the called-for diced zucchini.) Don't know what Ro-Tel is? Next time you're browsing the sauce aisle, look for Ro-Tel. It's tomatoes and green chillies in one can, available in a few varieties.

I'm off to stir the pot. Wishing you some great Sundays.

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