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I Wish I Had Chickens

Not too long ago I floated the idea with my wife of having chickens in our backyard. I mean, it's big enough for a a meaningful jog, so why not pick up a few eggs on that 34th lap? Well, the idea didn't float too well, but now

I have to say "my crazy idea doesn't sound as crazy now, does it???"

One trip to the supermarket (6 AM, for seniors only) proved my point. No eggs. That's right. A few weeks ago I struggled to choose which brand and which type: Free-range, brown, store brand, organic, non-organic, etc. Now, I would buy any egg anyone throws at me (well, let's not get crazy). One man was so upset at the empty egg shelf that he was cursing enough for everyone to hear: "No eggs? What the &&^#$?" And then he started looking around as if he was commanding someone close to him to lay a few. And there he stood, frozen in front of the shelf for several minutes before I decided to sprint into the cereal aisle where two other shoppers had the same look on their faces. I thought to myself, "this is getting ugly."

Milk was also in short supply, though having cows in the backyard would contribute heavily to my carbon footprint and I never really learned how to milk one though I came close once in Greece when I was a kid. My cousins were in the milk business and some other things I won't get into right now.

But I digress. Eggs are those everyday things we take for granted. They're in LOTS of things we like to make and we even eat them cooked as is. Some people eat them raw but I never did get into that. Anyway, I hope you have eggs where you are and if you do, guard them with your life. But don't sit on them. That only works for chickens.

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