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Shhhhh! Sleeping Garlic

Well, it's Fall here on Long Island and I finally got my package of garlics from the garlicstore and they're in the ground already for a nice long sleep through what looks like to be a pretty tough winter.

The garlic store does an amazing job. They offer a tremendous amount of garlic types and other products such as shallots, books, gifts, and everything garlic. If you order early in the summer (I ordered a bit late this season), you'll get a nice box like the one below, filled with whatever you ordered. I planted almost all of them and kept a few to throw in my pasta next time around.

I love garlic. It's not only good for you and keeps away the vampires, it pretty much adds flavor to anything.

And if you're into trying to make the Greek garlic dip skordalia, you will be forever hooked. Some bread for dipping, ouzo or wine to wash it down and that's basically all you need to live on.

I sometimes will eat garlic raw and though it doesn't really bother me, but the ensuing aroma emanating from my body several minutes later may bother a few sensitive types.

By July or so I'll be ready to harvest like I did this past summer. The bounty gets me through a good part of the winter. There's nothing like your own garlic. You have to taste it to believe it.

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