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It's About Time!

Baby basil plantings always need love

Well, Spring is finally here (reluctantly I might add) on the East Coast and this past weekend I got my hands dirty with my annual ritual--the planting of The Vegetables. I really like winter, but this past one was a bit too much even for me.

Each Spring I make my annual trek to Prianti Farms in Dix Hills for the finest vegetable plants around. They even had roaming roosters (see below) greeting the customers.

Getting the veggies in gives one a sense of completeness and hope, I think. Completeness for the satisfaction of kicking off the growing season and hope for the wishful thinking of a fruitful garden.

My dad had quite the green thumb. Everything he grew, grew abundantly and seemingly without much effort. I guess it was his Greek upbringing and the love of the outdoors or perhaps he just threw away the bad stuff without telling anyone. We'll never know.

My garden is not complete, though, without my Met gnome for extra good luck, though the team could use some of that as of this date.

Happy planting, everyone!

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