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Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

Thanks to the PK Grill company, I now smoke with the best of 'em.

In case you haven't heard about the PK Grill, it's a handy addition to your gas barbecue, if you have one. But really, all you need is a PK. Made basically the same way since the 1950s, it will survive, along with the cockroaches, armageddon and then some. Well built, reliable and very, very portable. It can smoke and barbecue with the best of them, even that green egg thing.

OK, on to the real meat of this post.

I dry-rubbed a rack of baby backs and smoked them in some Royal Oak Natural Wood Lump charcoal and some apple chips (which I let soak for a while first) and then finished them off on the grill for that nice char.

Don't ask me what I used for the rub. I always use something different each time because I always forget to write the ingredients down. It's an adventure each time, but suffice to say, use your favorite rub.

On the right is the finished product along with some rice pilaf, a nice bordeaux in my NY Mets wine glass and some very good company on the chair directly opposite mine.

I couldn't finish the whole rack and my wife (a vegetarian) didn't want to start eating meat that night so I saved the other half for another night (I'm still working on her, by the way).

Thanks, PK. And a big thanks to the domestic pig for donating the ribs (Oops. Here come those emails).

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