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Pizza, Pancakes & the Paper

Pancakes and the newspaper
Homemade with Tip "00" flour

I admit, the pancakes were made with the Kodiak Flapjack mix (one of the best, I think) but the pizza below it was all mine.

I was pleasantly shocked a couple of weeks ago when I saw Tip "00" Anna extra fine flour on the store shelf. I did a double take, since I thought the stuff was only available online. I saw the difference immediately when I made the dough. It was easier to handle, took a beating when flattening out (no rips in the dough) and rose like a champ during proofing and baking. I topped it off with caramelized onions and marinated red peppers. A nice salad on the side, a Pinot Noir in the glass and I was pretty much enjoying life.

We had the pizza and pancakes back-to-back; pizza Friday night and the pancakes Saturday morning. The Saturday Times came in handy as well, in between pancake batches. I've been reading the Times since high school. Back then, however, I was riding the subway to school ("F" train from Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, to the "GG" to Brooklyn Tech) and always stopped my studious appearance with the paper when the Catholic school girls hopped on for the ride.

The Times could wait.

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