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Those Snowy Days . . . and Nights

There's nothing like curling up with a good cookbook on a snowy day.

In search of that perfect recipe to make the house smell just so and go down easy with some nice wine is my idea of the perfect snowy afternoon. Add some special friends and significant others and it doesn't get any better. Well, maybe add a nice old B&W movie, the kind they don't make anymore, just to pass the time.

A slow cooker is definitely called for along as well along with with some ingredients for a stew or soup. Add some homemade bread or biscuits and you've signed up for an afternoon of just hangin' around in your NY Mets pajamas you got for Christmas and those slippers you refuse to toss. And, of course, there's something in that recipe that you don't have handy, but screw it. Go ahead and improvise. That's what's great about cooking (not baking). You can always substitute. I sometimes substitute a thing or two when I'm baking bread but it's tricky. You can end up with a nightmare rising or a loaf that could pass for a brick.

I love wine, so there's always a nice red hanging around. That's in addition to the ouzo that flows out of the tap at my house. But don't over-indulge with the wine. You wanna save some brain cells for a nice sip of brandy with the dark chocolate you hide beneath the oatmeal in the pantry.

This should fortify you enough for the first pass at shoveling out your driveway or car. And when you're done, that last spot of brandy you saved in the bottom of the snifter should tuck you in just fine.

And to all, a goodnight . . .

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